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Stereotest Super Sale

Super Sale on Stereotests and Color Tests Going On Now!
  • Lowest prices of the year
  • Stereo Fly for $190 a unit
  • Now till 12/31/20
  • Available on the Stereo Optical store

Stereotests Color Tests

ORDER NOW: Stereotest – Fly SO001

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ORDER NOW: Stereotest – Butterfly SO005

ORDER NOW: Stereotest – Randot Preschool SO007

ORDER NOW: Fly with LEA Symbols SL001

ORDER NOW: Randot with LEA Symbols SL002

ORDER NOW: Butterfly with LEA Symbols SL005





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Digital Vision Screening in Your Practice

The September 2018 issue of Optometric Management includes a Knowledge Center titled “A Case for Digital Vision Screening in Your Practice.” It features the new-generation OPTEC PLUS Vision Screener for easy and fast visual performance assessment.

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