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Gold Standard in Vision Screening

For over 70 years, Stereo Optical has been an expert in the manufacturing, selling, and global distribution for vision screening products across many markets and professions, with trusted use and validation. Stereo Optical has defined and revolutionized the visual assessment testing process. Our stereo tests and Optec vision testing products are known as the gold standard in vision screening. Our mission is to continue to develop innovative screening technology for the emerging needs of our community. We were founded with the vision to assist professionals, businesses and organizations in a variety of industries including optometry, ophthalmology, occupational health, driver rehabilitation, drivers licensing, schools and military to develop comprehensive vision screening protocols. By supporting our partners with service, education and training, we will continue to raise awareness to the necessity of vision screening to help detect visual impairment; thereby improving the lives of individuals across the globe.

Stereo Optical is a business unit of EssilorLuxottica, a strong global brand with extensive vision-care experience.

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