Vision Screeners

Vision Screeners

Stereo Optical has developed an entire line of Optec® vision screeners for use in ophthalmology, optometry, clinical trials, pediatrics, schools, industry, public health, primary care, drivers licensing, and military. The vision screeners provide quick, accurate and reliable results in a controlled environment with no training or certification necessary.

Screening and Test Slides

Stereo Optical manufactures and sells standard test slide packages designed for different customer sectors. Individual slides may also be ordered as part of custom slide sets.  The OPTEC PLUS Smart Vision Screener includes an extensive library of tests in a software program and requires no slides.

Stereotests & Color Tests

For over 65 years, Stereo Optical has designed and manufactured the Gold Standard of stereotests and color tests with trusted use and validation. These include the world-famous Stereo Fly Test and the unique Distance Randot® Stereotest. Stereotests are a quick and easy method to identify vision problems and test for stereopsis, amblyopia, suppression, strabismus, and color vision deficiency.

Vectograms & Screening Cards

Stereo Optical offers non-vectographic and vectographic projector slides and screening cards of the highest quality. All slides are printed on a select piece of high-quality clear photographic film using two sheets of optically-clear glass to guarantee consistently high-quality optotypes and ensure the integrity of each test.

The Borish Nearpoint Card™ is a convenient, powerful tool that can be used to quantify many parameters of a test subject’s near vision in a comfortable clinical setting. Polarized vectograms ensure testing and training at actual distances.

Accessories & Supplies

Stereo Optical products are extremely durable and reliable. We value your business and strive to minimize any inconvenience. Therefore, in the event that you do need a replacement part or an accessory, please contact us to order.