Sterotests & Color Tests

Sterotests & Color Tests

by Shirley Yin-Piazza

Original Ishihara Color Tests

The Original Ishihara Color Test is an example of a color perception test for red-green color deficiencies. The test consists of colored plates, called Ishihara plates, each of which contains a circle of dots appearing randomized in color and size. Within the pattern are dots which form a number or shape clearly visible to those with normal color vision, and invisible, or difficult to see, to those with a red-green color vision defect, or the other way around. The plates make up several different test designs.

Available options:

  • 14-plate color test
  • 24-plate color test
  • 38-plate color test
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MAG301 Original Ishihara Color Tests (14-plate)

MAG302 Original Ishihara Color Tests (24-plate)

MAG303 Original Ishihara Color Tests (38-plate)

  • For congenital red-green color blindness
  • Multiple colored plates making up several test designs
  • Each plate is printed with a circle made of many different sized dots, slightly different colors, spread in random
  • Color plates encased in a specially designed album type book for ease of handling