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Most Popular Model for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists

Optec 5000PG with custom Rehab w Glare (90289) slide package

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Driver Rehabilitation

Stereo Optical Co., Inc. is the world’s largest manufacturer of vision screening tools and equipment. We specialize in products for professionals in occupational therapy, driver rehabilitation practices & VA hospitals.

The role of vision in the operation of a motor vehicle is critical. According to ADED – The Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists, 95% of the information the driver receives is estimated to be visual.

Visual function important to driver performance includes acuity, field of view or peripheral vision, contrast sensitivity, glare recovery, scanning, tracking, and visual perceptual skills.

Warning signs to look for: poor glare recovery, inability to detect traffic light colors, change in depth perception, inability to read signs at a distance, collisions or near misses, difficulty driving at night, and problems with vision in inclement weather.

Vision screening is critical in identifying warning signs that can impede the ability to drive and evaluating visual function for safe driving.

We strive to deliver products and solutions of the highest quality. Please contact us if you have questions or comments.

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Optec 5000PG REHAB

  • Custom model developed especially for the driver rehabilitation industry
  • Contrast Sensitivity Testing / Glare Testing / Day and Night Testing
  • New, unsurpassed homogeneous illumination
  • Includes F.A.C.T. contrast sensitivity – The industry standard

Optec 5500P

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Note that the 5000PG slide package is only available with the Optec 5000PG and not the standard Optec 5000P.

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thumbnail of Optec 5000PG REHAB Slide Package

Optec 5000PG REHAB

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Standard Driver Rehabilitation (5000RHB)

  • Headrest Tissues – Optec 5000, 2000 & 1000 Series (5000/pkg)

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  • Carrying Case – Wheeled for Optec 5000 Series

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