Stereotests & Color Tests

Stereotests & Color Tests

by Shirley Yin-Piazza

Randot® Preschool Stereotest

The Randot preschool tests was designed as a matching game in which the patient matches the pictures on the left side with those on the right. (800 to 40 seconds of arc). Test for stereopsis on patients as young as 2 years of age. Randot Preschool Stereoacuity Test is designed by Eileen Birch, PhD & The Retina Foundation of the Southwest.

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SO007 Randot Preschool

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  • Three pages in one booklet:
  • Page #1: 200 and 100 seconds of arc
  • Page #2: 60 and 40 seconds of arc
  • Page #3: 800 and 400 seconds of arc

Test includes:

  • 6 tests in 1 booklet
  • 1 pair of Standard 3-D Viewers
  • Answer key on back cover