Marketing Materials

Marketing Materials

by Robert Capielo


thumbnail of Stereo Optical 2018 ad email

Stereo Optical Overview

thumbnail of OPTEC PLUS ad v7 FINAL

OPTEC PLUS – Prescreening

thumbnail of SO store emailer 2018 FINAL

Stereo Optical Store

thumbnail of Stereo Optical ADED full page ad final_01

OPTEC PLUS Glare – Driver Rehab.

thumbnail of Stereo Sports Vision

Better Vision for Playing Sports

thumbnail of NASN Journal – Newsletter Banner Ad 022217 – 300 x 250

School Vision Screening

thumbnail of ISHN – SO – QuarterPage – 020118 v3

Occupational Vision Screening

thumbnail of Optec Plus Special Offer July 2018

OPTEC PLUS Special Offer 7-18

thumbnail of SO Safety Zone banner 468×60 banner

Occupational Health Web Banner

thumbnail of SO ADED banner ad 1000×320 border

Driver Rehab Web Banner

thumbnail of Trade-in flyer email 2017

Trade-In Program