Marketing Materials

Marketing Materials

by Robert Capielo


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thumbnail of SO catalog 03_20_18 singles

Stereo Optical Catalog

thumbnail of EI-SO online sttore 5×7 card FINAL

EI_SO Store Card

thumbnail of Trade-in flyer email 2017

Trade-In Program

Brochures - Vision Screeners

thumbnail of OPTEC PLUS Brochure

OPTEC PLUS Smart Vision Screener

thumbnail of Optec 5000 tearsheet email 2017

Optec 5000 and 5000P

thumbnail of Optec 5000PG rehab with slides email 2017

Optec 5000PG Rehab

thumbnail of Optec 5500 tearsheet email 2017

Optec 5500 and 5500P

thumbnail of FVA & FACT Slides Sales Sheet 03_01_18

FVA & FACT Slides

thumbnail of 1000P tearsheet email 2017


thumbnail of Optec 900 email 2017

Optec 900 Color

thumbnail of Optec 2300 sales sheet email 2017

Optec 2300 Armed Forces

Brochures - Stereotests, Screening Cards, and Vectograms

thumbnail of Stereostest tearsheet email 2018


thumbnail of Stereotest LEA Symbols tearsheet email 120717

Stereotests Including LEA Symbols

thumbnail of Borish tearsheet email 2017

Borish Nearpoint Card

thumbnail of Projector tearsheet email 2017

Projectors and Vectographic Slides

thumbnail of Vectograms tearsheet email 2017