Marketing Materials

Marketing Materials

by Shirley Yin-Piazza

Manuals - Vision Screeners

We have recently received questions about how best to clean and disinfect Stereo Optical equipment. Specifically, what is the highest alcohol percentage that can be used without damaging the equipment surface? 
Please note that we have used 70% isopropyl alcohol to clean and disfect our equipment surface. Clean gently with a damp cloth and never spray alcohol directly on tests or covers.

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thumbnail of OPTEC PLUS QuickStart Guide v4 USA

OPTEC PLUS QuickStart Guide

thumbnail of OPTEC PLUS User Manual v4 USA

OPTEC PLUS User Manual

thumbnail of OPTEC PLUS Summary of Tests v5 03-2018

OPTEC PLUS Summary of Tests

thumbnail of 32175_5000s Instruction Manual 05 2019

Optec 5000 Series

thumbnail of 56263 MANUAL Optec 5000PG 05 2019

Optec 5000PG Rehab

thumbnail of 56184 FVA MANUAL 05 2019

Functional Vision Analyzer

thumbnail of 56181-FACTappendix_FULL-11-2019

F.A.C.T. (Contrast Sensitivity) Appendix

thumbnail of OPTEC 1000 manual-with slides

Optec 1000

thumbnail of Optec Peripheral Test Instructions 05 2019

Optec Peripheral Test

Manuals - Stereotests, Ishihara Color Tests, and Vectograms

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thumbnail of 70019 Stereo FLY Instruction Manual 09-2018

Original Stereo Fly

thumbnail of 70021 Randot Instruction Manual 10-2018


To print this manual, please download it first then print the downloaded file off your computer.

thumbnail of 56226 BUTTERFLY Instruction Manual 09-2018


thumbnail of 70019L Stereo FLY LEA symbols Instruction Manual 09-2018

Fly with LEA Symbols

thumbnail of 70021L RANDOT LEA symbols Instruction Manual 09-2018

Randot with LEA Symbols

thumbnail of 56226L BUTTERFLY LEA Instruction Manual 09-2018

Butterfly with LEA Symbols

thumbnail of 70022 RDE Instruction Manual 09-2018

Random Dot “E”

thumbnail of 70125 Randot Preschool Instruction Manual 09-2018

Randot Preschool

thumbnail of Distance Randot Instruction Manual 09-2018

Distance Randot

thumbnail of SO006-Original Randot

Original Randot

thumbnail of Special Randot-Fly-Combo-Instruction Manual 09-2018

Special Randot

thumbnail of 9500 Near Point Vectographic Card Answer Key

9500 Near Point Vectographic Score Keys

thumbnail of 70126 BORISH Manual 2015

Borish Vectographic Nearpoint II

thumbnail of 70025 Vectogram Summary Lrg Trifold 2017


thumbnail of Ishihara Color Deficiency Test Instructions (14 Plate)

Ishihara Color Test (14-plate)