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Waggoner Computerized Color Vision Testing (WCCVT) Software

Stereo Optical is pleased to partner with Waggoner Diagnostics to distribute the Waggoner Computerized Color Vision Testing software. These are military-grade color vision testing products developed for ophthalmic professionals by Dr. Terrace Waggoner and accepted by the US Navy, Army, and Coast Guard.

  • The WCCVT software can be downloaded to your own computer.
  • One of the few tests accepted by the Navy, Army, and Coast Guard
  • The WCCVT has a suite of tests including pediatric, adult, and advanced in-depth diagnostic tests.
  • Designed to not only detect a color vision deficiency, but also to determine the type of deficiency and estimate the degree of the deficiency
  • Doctors can feel confident in their findings – the WCCVT was validated not only by the U.S. Navy but multiple independent academic institutes.
  • User friendly; self-administered freeing up staff
  • Randomized preventing memorization, cheating or bias
  • Self-scoring ensures standardization.
  • Guarantees a consistent test-taking experience every single time
  • Findings are easily interpreted.
  • Improves patient care and reimbursable underneath CPT code 92283

For more information, visit Waggoner Diagnostics.

Waggoner CCVT

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The Waggoner Computerized Color Vision Test was created as an all-in-one color vision testing suite to satisfy anyone interested in testing for color vision deficiencies ranging from school nurses to the U.S. Military. Within the WCCVT, an individual can choose several different testing methods that includes screening, diagnostic, pediatric, and adult testing.

The Adult Diagnostic test provided in the WCCVT software is the cutting edge in color vision testing. It has been coined one of three “precision” color vision tests available today by the U.S. FAA. It is a military-grade color vision test that is accepted by the U.S. Navy, Army, and Coast Guard for all personnel and applicants, including pilots. The diagnostic tests are perfect for identifying both genetic and acquired color vision deficiencies and then providing the type and severity of the deficiency.

Color Vision Testing Made Easy is included in the application and is the gold standard for pediatric color vision testing and is used to screen participants at the World Special Olympics to this day. Due to formalities, we have included the D-15 even though this test has been shown to have lower sensitivity and specificity than our diagnostic tests included in the WCCVT.

WCCVT Advantages

  • The WCCVT is the most competitively-priced diagnostic color vision testing product on the market.
  • The WCCVT was validated by a third party, the U.S. Navy.
  • The WCCVT is accepted by the U.S. Navy, Army, and Coast Guard. It has been recommended by the FAA to screen pilots.
  • More user-friendly and easier to interpret than other competitive products.
  • Has higher sensitivity than the CCT, which means its better at identifying color vision deficient individuals.
  • It is reimbursable under CPT code 92283.


  • Improved patient care. Identify diseases and toxic levels of substances using our acquired color vision test.
  • It has the shortest testing times for individuals with normal color vision.
  • The test is completely randomized and standardized to remove administrator bias, memorization of test plates, and a consistent test-taking experience every single time.
  • Waggoner is the only distributor of a color vision test that is also developed by the founders. All of the other computerized color vision tests were developed within an institution and given to 3rd parties to distribute.
  • Reimbursable which is not any different than the other computerized color vision test but is unique to traditional testing methods.
  • Works on a majority of computers commercially available. Requires a minimum of 1 gigahertz of processing speed, 512 MB of RAM, and 4.5 GB of disk space.