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Specialties: Ophthalmology; Optometry; Pediatric, School, and DMV Vision Screenings; Plus FAA Vision Testing and Vision Training Therapy

Stereo Optical manufactures multiple product lines to serve a variety of industries. Whether you perform pediatric vision screening, school vision screenings, FAA vision testing, or vision training therapy, Stereo Optical has the instruments you need.


Stereo Optical’s line of products is invaluable to cataract and refractive practitioners in demonstrating functional vision, documenting visual disability, and guiding treatment decisions. Stereo Optical provides the most accepted method of testing both functional vision and quality of vision. The Functional Vision Analyzer™ performs contrast sensitivity testing by using F.A.C.T.® charts under day and night conditions, with and without glare.

The new EyeView® software generates a pictorial model of how patients see under variable conditions, demonstrating to patients the effectiveness of treatment in picture format that is easy to understand. Other products meet all pediatric and adult vision screening needs.

Our products help MDs:

  • Document visual disability in early cataracts
  • Demonstrate expected treatment results
  • Evaluate contrast sensitivity pre-operatively for refractive surgery patients
  • Manage patient expectations
  • Determine treatment decisions based on patient test data
  • Document exam results
  • Increase surgical revenue
  • Comply with standards

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Products for MDs

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Stereo Optical provides the most up-to-date technology in vision testing and vision training devices. Our instruments provide the most accurate and repeatable testing environment for infants, children, and adults.

Our products help optometrists:

  • Reduce chair time
  • Conduct repeatable and accurate tests
  • Demonstrate expected treatment results
  • Make treatment decisions based on patient test data
  • Comply with standards
  • Increase vision screening capacity

Products for ODs

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Public Health

Vision authorities indicate contrast and glare sensitivity are significant independent risk factors for self-reported visual disability in an older population. Additionally, vision tests can detect cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and brain lesions affecting the visual pathway, including CVAs, tumors, and brain injuries.

Stereo Optical provides innovative, user-friendly, inexpensive vision screening equipment for public health and occupational health groups. The Functional Vision Analyzer™ features contrast sensitivity testing with or without glare under variable conditions for early detection of problems related to visual disabilities.

Stereo Optical also provides FAA vision testing packages, which include basic test slides and FAA-required vision testing that is:

  • Distance Letter Acuity Monocular/Binocular (20/200- 20/20)
  • Distance Color Perception (Pseudo Ishihara)
  • Near Letter Acuity Monocular/Binocular (20/100- 20/20)
  • Distance Lateral Phoria (1 Diopter increments)
  • Distance Vertical Phoria (1/2 Diopter increments)

Products for Public Health and Occupational Health

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Stereo Optical provides school nurses with various vision-testing instruments. The Optec® 5000 series is the only vision tester that meets worldwide school vision screenings standards.

The Optec® 5000:

  • Accurately test ages 3 years and up
  • Has a modern, light-weight design and trusted accuracy
  • Ends test subjects’ confusion by using our exclusive see-and-point access doors (on both sides of the vision tester)
  • No light bulbs, uses L.E.D. lighting system

Stereo Optical also helps school nurses meet the school vision screenings guidelines required by the American Academy of Pediatrics. The tests required include:

  • Acuities
  • Stereo Fly
  • Random Dot "E" StereoTest

Products for Schools

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As a recognized authority for vision testing across the globe, Stereo Optical is in a unique position to help pediatricians and school nurses meet the school vision-screenings guidelines required by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Stereo Optical has products that perform pediatric vision screening for amblyopia, significant refractive error, strabismus, reduced visual acuity, and other visual impairments in children. These types of impairments can be improved if monitored with vision-screening equipment and treated with vision training therapy.

Some pediatric vision screening tests include: general visual acuity test, grating visual acuity (20/20 to 20/3200), stereopsis (800 to 20 seconds of arc), letter acuity, acuity astigmatism, Tumbling E, Allen test, acuity vergence tests, binocular/monocular balance, suppression, and fixation disparity.

Products for Pediatricians

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Clinical Trials

Since 1996, Stereo Optical has been provided instruments for numerous clinical trials for testing and evaluating everything from intraocular lenses (IOLs) to refractive surgery methods and research standards.

Companies that have purchased Stereo Optical vision testers for clinical trials include:

  • AcuFocus®
  • Alcon®
  • AMO®
  • Bausch and Lomb®
  • Eyonics®
  • Invision
  • LaserSight®
  • Lenstec®
  • Ocular Pharmaceuticals
  • Pfizer®/ AMO® (Tecnis® IOL)
  • Refractec® (Conductive Keratoplasty®)
  • STAAR® Surgical
  • Visiogen®

Products for Clinical Trials

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General Medicine

Stereo Optical provides vision testing equipment for general medicine and primary care practitioners. The instruments can be used for testing a range of ages, from infant to adult, satisfying all vision-screening needs. They are ideal for general vision check-ups, athletic physicals, employment physicals, FAA vision testing, and more. The Optec® 5000 series is the only vision tester that meets worldwide vision testing standards.

Products for General Medicine/ Primary Care

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Driver Licensing

Stereo Optical is very proud of the strong relationship it has developed with the Department of Motor Vehicles over the past 18 years. During that time period, Stereo Optical has sold more than 11,500 DMV Vision Testers nationwide. The DMV Vision Tester is also ideal for driver education. Optec® DMV Vision Testers are being used in 47 states’ drivers licensing facilities.

Products for Drivers Licensing

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Stereo Optical’s instruments have been used for employee vision testing in many different organizations, including automobile, pharmaceutical, and other industrial companies. The tests provide complete occupational screening using accurate and easily understandable targets to help determine effective vision.

The tests include the Purdue Job Standards Booklet to assist in easy identification of individuals requiring further testing for all occupations. Intermediate lenses are available for video display terminal (VDT) operators, the fastest growing population in the industry today. Lightweight, transportable, and easy to use, the vision testers come with customized test slide packages that assess distance, intermediate, and near-point vision. Stereo Optical has the tools to meet each organization’s vision screening needs.

Products for Industry

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The Optec® 5000 series vision tester features unsurpassed homogeneous illumination, and the target luminance complies with ANSI Standard Z80.21-1992 (R1998). Distance and near lens testing systems can test at 32 inches for intermediate vision testing, a requirement for all pilots over the age of 50.

Stereo Optical is the exclusive manufacturer of the Optec® 2300 Armed Forces Vision Tester NSN 6540-01-375-9031, available only to the military. The Optec® 900 Color Vision Tester (NSN: 6540-01-452-8207) meets the color perception requirements stated in articles 15-40 (1) (K), 15-70 (2) (G), and 15-69 (2) of Manual of the Medical Department (MANMED), issued by the U.S. Navy. The FAA-approved Optec® 900 Color Vision Tester is 10 percent smaller and weighs 35 percent less than previous color vision testers.

Products for Military

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