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Occupational Therapy/Driver Rehabilitation

Stereo Optical Co., Inc. is the world’s largest manufacturer of vision screening equipment. We strive to deliver visual contrast and glare sensitivity testing products that exceed customers’ expectations. Specializing in diagnostic and vision testing products for professionals in Occupational Therapy, Drive Rehabilitation practices & VA hospitals

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  • Vision Screeners

    Stereo Optical has developed an entire line of Optec® vision screeners for use in ophthalmology, optometry, clinical trials, pediatrics, schools, industry,public health, primary care, drivers licensing, and military. Stereo Optical’s vision screeners provide quick, accurate and reliable results in a controlled environment with no training or certification necessary.

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  • Vision Testing Products

    Stereo Optical sells and manufactures numerous types of vision testing products including high quality vectographic and non vectographic projector slides, the Original Ishihara Color Test, Vectograms, Trial Frames & Trial Lens Sets.

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